How to wash gloves

We often forget about our washing our gloves. But keeping these in good condition will keep your hands warmer for longer.

The first thing to do is to check the care label as some gloves can be machine washed. This is generally a 30ºC, gentle cycle. Avoid fabric softeners and don't tumble dry. Instead, follow the drying instructions below.

Hand wash your gloves in 4 Steps

  1. Start by checking there is no grit or dirt inside the glove. Shaking can help.
  2. If there is an inner glove remove this to treat separately.
  3. Gently hand wash your gloves in luke-warm water with mild soap flakes, or Nikwax Tech Wash.
  4. Before drying, put the glove on to re-shape whilst damp. Doing this will help maintain the pre-formed shaping of your glove.

How to dry your gloves

  • Dry your glove palm side down or hang with the carabiner loop.
  • Keep away from direct heat.
  • Halfway through the drying process re-shape your glove by putting it on. Making a fist shape whilst wearing the glove can help.

Caring for Leather

  • Wipe with a damp cloth and leave to dry naturally. Keep away from heat to prevent the leather from drying out.
  • If you do need to wash the whole glove, follow the instructions above. Wearing the gloves whilst washing can help retain the shape.
  • Some dyed leathers can transfer colour to other fabrics, so keep your gloves separate during the washing process.

Most gloves feature a DWR (Durable Water Repellent) coating which may wear in time. If water no longer beads from the fabric, use Nikwax TX Direct spray-on whilst the glove is still damp to revitalise the water repellency. Follow the instructions on the bottle for application.

Things to avoid

  • Tumble drying.
  • Ironing.
  • Placing on a radiator or near direct heat.
  • Using bleach.
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