How to remove Bobbles/Pilling?

Pilling, those little bobbles, happens from time to time. The day-to-day wearing and washing of fabrics cause the fibers that make up the fabric to split and form into these little bobbles.

This is not a defect, but how some fabrics age. Removing the pilling is part of good care for your Rab garment and will help extend the life of the product.

4 easy steps to remove pilling

  1. Get hold of a Sweater Stone. These are available online.
  2. Lay the garment flat, with the affected area pointing up.
  3. Rub the sweater stone along the grain of the fabric in one direction. Then lift, before changing direction. Repeat this until all the pilling is gone.
  4. Shake the garment to loosen any remnants. And clean your stone.

If you'd rather not do this yourself, you can always get in touch with our  Repairs Team

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