Caught out in the rain and noticed your jacket's soaking up water?

Don't panic, your waterproof isn't faulty. It's probably just wetting out and soaking up water. Here are the most likely causes and advice on how to solve them.

Why is my waterproof wetting out?

Your jacket or trousers are dirty

Clean them! Everything works better when it's clean. Wash your waterproofs, at least, every 10 or so wears.

The DWR has worn down

Waterproofs and softshells alike have Durable Water Repellent (DWR) coatings on them. This is what helps rain form into droplets and roll of your jacket or trousers.

Rubbing, handling and wearing packs over your clothes wears down the DWR over time. This leads to the fabric 'wetting out'. This is where it starts to soak moisture up more easily.

You used a detergent to wash your jacket

Common detergents leave residues behind. These coat the DWR and prevent it from working. Always use a technical washing product, such as Nikwax Tech Wash.

Wash & Re-proof your gear

  1. We recommend using a technical washing agent, such as Nikwax Tech Wash AND spray-on waterproofing such as Nikwax TX Direct 
  2. Cold wash your garment using your wash product of choice. Use a gentle wash cycle. 30ºC is ideal for both your jacket and the planet! 
  3. Hang up whilst still damp. Following the instructions, spray the outer fabric with the proofer.
  4. Pop your gear into the tumble drier. Choose a low heat or synthetic setting. Take out once dry to touch (usually around 30-40 mins).
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