I have ruined my jacket washing it

Has your down jacket clumped together? Does your sleeping bag look like it's lost its puff?

Don't worry.

This doesn’t mean that your jacket is faulty or that you have damaged it permanently. This happens when down hasn't dried properly. The down is most likely either clumped together or it has migrated into neighbouring baffles and needs to be moved back again.

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Follow these steps to loft your down jacket, vest or sleeping bag

  • First, re-wash your jacket to get the down wet again on a gentle 30ºC cycle with a specialised agent (such as Nikwax Down Wash Direct)
  • Gently squeeze out any excess water. It might be worthwhile spreading the down out at this point to aid in the drying process. You can pinch the baffles and manipulate the down this way.
  • Place your item into a tumble drier on a low heat/gentle setting (this is very important as a high heat setting can damage or even melt the lightweight fabric)
  • Every 20-30 mins remove the jacket and turn inside out to promote even drying. Also, give the jacket several firm pats to help manipulate the down and break up any clumped areas. 
  • Drying time depends on the jacket but it will take at least 2-3 hours for a Microlight. Even though the outer fabric may feel dry very soon after being put in the dryer, the down within takes a lot longer to dry.

Please drop us a message if you have any other questions regarding washing your Rab down jacket.

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