How much will my repair cost?

Your jacket is unique. No one rip or tear is the same. So we quote every repair depending on what needs to be done.

When you complete a Repairs Form you can either authorise a repair up to a certain value or you can request that we offer you a quote first.

In order to estimate the cost of a repair, we need to know as much as possible. Please let us know:

  • What the item is - you can usually find the name on the white care label of garments
  • Where the damage is and how it happened
  • 1 close up photo
  • 1 overall photo to show the damage in the context of the item

Here is a rough price guide for some of our most popular repairs.


Repair Service From
Baffle replacement  £20.00
Large panel replacement (Neutrino/Axiom/Positron jackets) £25.00
Zip replacement (down/synthetic jackets) £25.00
Bonded Patch Repair (Valiance/Batura/Resolution jackets) £15.00
Synthetic and waterproof garment patching £20.00
Shipping charge £5.00


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