Counterfeit Goods

We've grown a lot over the last few years. That's down to a few things. Our heritage. Our design. And our commitment to producing high-quality products that perform in the harshest of conditions.

However, some people are taking advantage of this and fake products are available in the market. These are mostly sold online, through places like Amazon, eBay or Facebook Marketplace. It's really difficult to know whether something is real or not on these sites. So if in doubt, don't buy it.

How to know you're buying a real Rab® product

  • Buy from a real shop. This is the best way to know you're getting a genuine Rab® product. You can see a list of our retailers by clicking here.
  • Check the swing tags and care labels. Fake products often have spelling mistakes or are missing information.
  • Check the quality. If you've bought a new item online and it doesn't look the part, speak up.
  • Is the price too good to be true? If so, it's probably not real. Do a quick check against other retailers online to see if the seller is dropping the price too much. Especially, if it is a new product.
  • Look for contact details on their website. Most counterfeit sellers will not provide a business address or contact details online.
  • Ask about their Warranty scheme. If you've gone through everything above and it all checks out, ask about their warranty or after-sales process.
  • Use PayPal Goods and Services. If you're paying with PayPal, use the Goods and Services option. This gives you additional protection against fakes or even if the product never arrives.

What if you've already bought a fake?

  • If you think your item is a counterfeit, ask the seller to return it. Sometimes they'll give you a refund.
  • Contact your bank or credit card provider. You might be able to get a refund from them as a victim of fraud.
  • If you've bought through an online marketplace you might be able to raise a dispute with the site. If you paid through PayPal and used the Goods & Services option, you can raise a dispute here as well.
  • Remember, if you purchase something from a retailer that isn’t as described or isn’t of satisfactory quality, you have statutory rights.

Want to report it?

Please let us know if you think you've found counterfeits online. Click here to Contact Us here. It'd be great if you could send us a link to the seller's website and/or page showing the item.

If you want to get further advice, get in touch with Citizens Advice online or by calling 03454 04 05 06. Or contact your local Trading Standards Office.

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