Is your waterproof leaking?

When did you last wash it?

Regular washing is vital to keeping a waterproof performing at its best. If you're out with your waterproof every weekend, we'd advise washing it once a month.

Dirt and oils from your skin can clog the jacket's waterproof membrane. This will hinder your sweat getting out the jacket whilst you are wearing it and you'll start to feel damp inside without any water having actually got in.

Alternatively, if the DWR (Durable Water Repellent) coating has worn down, then you may also find that your jacket isn't breathing properly and sweat and condensation builds up inside.

Washing your waterproofs with the right detergent clears out the pores in the membrane and also revitalises the DWR coating on the fabric.

Click here to read our guide to washing your waterproofs.

I've washed it and it's still leaking.

You've followed our guide and given it a good wash. You've even re-proofed with Nikwax TX Direct. But, it's still leaking.

Not to worry. We guarantee all our products for their lifetime and it's probably best we have a look at it.

If your garment is under a year old, then please contact your retailer first. If you'd had it for more than a year, get in touch with our Warranty Team directly here



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